Episode 4: Autopilot

The rise of electric vehicles is set to go hand in hand with the introduction of autonomous technology. Whilst most manufacturers are holding off on releasing self-driving features in their cars, Tesla is enabling their cars now so they can make them fully autonomous via a software update. So, is Tesla’s consumer-first approach the right path to true autonomous driving?


Moonshot - Self-Driving Cars: Building an Autonomous Vehicle (Part 1)

Moonshot - Self-Driving Cars: Building an Autonomous Vehicle (Part 2)

NTSB Collision Report (May 7, 2016 crash)

Tesla - A Tragic Loss

Tesla - What We Know About Last Week's Accident

NTSB March 2019 - Preliminary Highway Report

Tesla Autopilot roll out

NTSB - Joshua Brown investigation report

Tesla updates Autopilot

Tesla rejected more advanced driver monitoring features in its cars

NHTSA report - Williston 2018

'System safeguards' lacking in Tesla crash on autopilot: NTSB

Tesla Test Drive: Model P85D, Autopilot, Zero to 60

Tesla Autonomy Day Event - April 2019

Tesla Model Y - Future of Driving

Joshua Brown Youtube Channel

Tesla Autopilot and Full Self-Driving Capability

NHTSA - Automated Vehicles for Safety

Who's Regulating Self-Driving Cars? Often No One

Tesla Model 3 achieves high scores in active and passive safety, along with Audi A6.

National Policy Framework for Land Transport Technology

Tesla Plans to Launch Robotaxi Network in 2020

NHTSA 2017 Crash Stats

Kilian Weinberger LiDAR research

‘Inadequate Safety Culture’ Contributed to Uber Automated Test Vehicle Crash - NTSB Calls for Federal Review Process for Automated Vehicle Testing on Public Roads


Executive Producer & Host: Kristofor Lawson.

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